To live and forget

People today don’t know when to live and forget. We let go important things like our government but complain about others.

I think we shouldn’t forget important mistakes, and ones that we can live with is fine. We all make mistakes.



Home of the future

I would want a home of the future to not be 100% controlled by computers. Why? Well, I could make a virus to unravel the toilet paper constantly and make Tesco deliver it constantly. It would be funny, but annoying. Also, I don’t like the layout. I’d like movable walls where I could rearrange the rooms easily and lock them back. Yeah, some things would be nice to be connected. I’d have an internet TV, and controllable heating, but i’d like to cook. It’d be nice and having a computer to do it for you is lazy. Plus, I’d get bored.

Also, me being a programmer, what happens if there’s a bug? I’d love easter eggs like making the “personal assistant” say silly things :”)

Have fun,


What would I like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for making things better. I know it’s a little too big thing to say right now, i’d want my own company which would make things and help people. This would mean stuff like software to make lives better, hardware to make your computer use even less energy, services to provide green energy and other services for the computer understanding of many concepts (a la Wikipedia without the big blah!) and also with the profit, I would create a charity-like thing but people would be paid to help the world become a much lovely place.

I hope by the time I die (horrible to say I know), I know I died making a difference (if we all don’t die in 2012).


Please note: I cheated, but i’m ill and I don’t know how well I at the time this is live. I actually made this last night! Chow!

What three things are you most thankful for?

  1. Being alive and kicking, so many people aren’t
  2. Having the most amazing friends in the world. They’re real, and will piss about and will fall out, but at least not plastic. I love you all ‚̧
  3. My ability to make things up on the go, I do it all the time and it’s a little off putting, but I learn.

If I went into a time machine I would go…

If I was given a time machine for an hour, I would do a number of things depending on the conditions I was given. This list depends upon the ability that seeing myself won’t cause the world to explode, although could probably pass off better. Anywho, let’s go! And I’m taking a camera!

  1. I would go to a day where the sky would be beautiful (researching this of course)
  2. Change (i think the date is) 6th December 2007, if the world wouldn’t explode
  3. Go back thousands of years to a time when trees would cover anywhere and I could lie there and just enjoy it.

Err… Probably would be the quickest hour of my life.


How I would make operating systems better…

Please note: this post is the property of Joe Simpson, who requires to be contacted for implementation of my ideas (open source will be cool too, I just want recognition)

I could make the core of the system more stable with today’s demands, as many systems are dual core, at least. But people want value for money, so the system can lock up.

So, I would protect one of the cores for system processes. This would make programs which use 100% of one core, so the system could easily kill it.

Another suggestion is with ram, where the malloc function would include a virtual limit, where only the core system can bypass, meaning overflow isn’t likely to happen.

Hoped you liked this technical document,

How do I stay focused…

As much as people think, I do actually manage to keep focused when I want to. How do I do this? Well, It’s actually very simple, although I usually only do it when I actually want to do things on my computer. First of all, I put the main use of Social networks and Instant messaging onto my phone (No Instant Messaging program is set up on my computer), plus I leave them shut. I will check up and talk to people later, as I get easily distracted (as many people who know me, will know this!).

Also, I have music playing which helps me focus, even if I am actually singing along but it helps my mind work a little better, even though other people say it’s bad or whatever, but it works for me.

I hope people found this useful, as this post a day thing is making me post strange things,