iPad 2

So the new iPad 2 is now out…. just a few questions for Mr. Jobs though as he was trying to dis Mr. Android and I’m not happy with that!

  1. All android phone-designed apps run properly without being pixelated or shrunk to the middle of the screen, they reform properly and most apps will be usable
  2. The android 3 platform has been out for literally a week, 100 apps designed for honeycomb is good!
  3. Not everyone cares it’s thinner! Any more thinner apple products, and you’ll have a piece of paper. I don’t want to be paying a lot of money just for a piece of paper thin product!

This is why, If I get a tablet, it will be an Android one.

Sorry, but Apple you’re day is over

Much love,



Update on Dailybooth for android!

Hi guys! Dailybooth for android is going strong and I’m hoping to release it to the general public soon in the android market! There’s just a few more things I need to get right before I’m ready to release.

This includes creating a user profile view, commenting and handling any Dailybooth.com links. I’m also wanting to fine tune the single Booth view, so it loads faster if possible and not having to wait for comments to load in (like how the market does for similar items and reviews).

Hope you guys will love it!
Swoon ❤


Why is it that the College dropouts have success? Facebook? Microsoft?

Names everyone knows. Even Apple. But the people behind them are behind big nasty companies.

They speak cooperate speak, not English. Then we have nice friendly companies like Getglue and Dailybooth, who are properly qualified.

The difference? You’ll actually enjoy the people who works’ products more than these evil fat companies.

College College College

So like I’ve got a place for college and I can’t wait to like start. There’s taster days soon and I can’t wait to start ❤


To live and forget

People today don’t know when to live and forget. We let go important things like our government but complain about others.

I think we shouldn’t forget important mistakes, and ones that we can live with is fine. We all make mistakes.


Home of the future

I would want a home of the future to not be 100% controlled by computers. Why? Well, I could make a virus to unravel the toilet paper constantly and make Tesco deliver it constantly. It would be funny, but annoying. Also, I don’t like the layout. I’d like movable walls where I could rearrange the rooms easily and lock them back. Yeah, some things would be nice to be connected. I’d have an internet TV, and controllable heating, but i’d like to cook. It’d be nice and having a computer to do it for you is lazy. Plus, I’d get bored.

Also, me being a programmer, what happens if there’s a bug? I’d love easter eggs like making the “personal assistant” say silly things :”)

Have fun,


What would I like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for making things better. I know it’s a little too big thing to say right now, i’d want my own company which would make things and help people. This would mean stuff like software to make lives better, hardware to make your computer use even less energy, services to provide green energy and other services for the computer understanding of many concepts (a la Wikipedia without the big blah!) and also with the profit, I would create a charity-like thing but people would be paid to help the world become a much lovely place.

I hope by the time I die (horrible to say I know), I know I died making a difference (if we all don’t die in 2012).


Please note: I cheated, but i’m ill and I don’t know how well I at the time this is live. I actually made this last night! Chow!