A personal announcement

Please note: This was an April Fools. Thanks for playing ❤

I’ve been keeping some things from everyone lately, my parents, my friends and everyone close to me. I’ve decided today, to tell everyone.

I’m actually a member of a secret gang. It’s a major thing and what’s been keeping me busy and unable to be out with you guys. The gang is pretty strict and our actions are unique. The name is The Dollars.

I am also holding another secret from you lot. I think from last year I came out as gay. Well unfortunately, I don’t think I am. Not bi either. I hope you understand.

Much love,



iPad 2

So the new iPad 2 is now out…. just a few questions for Mr. Jobs though as he was trying to dis Mr. Android and I’m not happy with that!

  1. All android phone-designed apps run properly without being pixelated or shrunk to the middle of the screen, they reform properly and most apps will be usable
  2. The android 3 platform has been out for literally a week, 100 apps designed for honeycomb is good!
  3. Not everyone cares it’s thinner! Any more thinner apple products, and you’ll have a piece of paper. I don’t want to be paying a lot of money just for a piece of paper thin product!

This is why, If I get a tablet, it will be an Android one.

Sorry, but Apple you’re day is over

Much love,