How do I stay focused…

As much as people think, I do actually manage to keep focused when I want to. How do I do this? Well, It’s actually very simple, although I usually only do it when I actually want to do things on my computer. First of all, I put the main use of Social networks and Instant messaging onto my phone (No Instant Messaging program is set up on my computer), plus I leave them shut. I will check up and talk to people later, as I get easily distracted (as many people who know me, will know this!).

Also, I have music playing which helps me focus, even if I am actually singing along but it helps my mind work a little better, even though other people say it’s bad or whatever, but it works for me.

I hope people found this useful, as this post a day thing is making me post strange things,



2 Comments on “How do I stay focused…”

  1. brijwhiz says:

    Like your idea wrt social networks. Will try the same.

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