Story time!

Bright lights. Booming music. You can’t see or hear much from the beat of the club. It’s not your day so you sit in the corner and watch as your friends brake everything they’d promised as they pass the bottles back. But to you, it’s just hydration and nothing else.

When you’ve had enough and start to think on if to leave your mind flies. The thoughts disappear because there’s an excuse to stay, even just for 5 minutes.

He was sat accross the room. Even with the blinding surroundings, he blinded me even more than artificial lights. He was real. His body revealed him bodybuilding to an sexy level, in my mind.

What I was going to do, didn’t feel like my values. I didn’t know why I thought it. I was in a trance, but snapping out wasn’t accomplishable tonight. No escape, but I didn’t want to.

I walked to where he stood and like I was a professional, whispered in his ear, “let’s leave, I want to talk.” He grabbed my hand and we walked out into the night.

“Who are you,” he asked.
“I don’t know anymore,” was the answer.
“Well, I’m Peter”
“nice Peter,” I said in a voice that made me sound like I was insane
“Don’t worry, your nice too mystery man,” replied the soft voice in my ear, “looks like your new to this”
“Yes I am”
“Aww. Well, I can fix that”
“Where are we going?”
“On a journey for your heart and mind. I hope you know sweetie”
“We’re going to my house in reality”
“oh. I like journeys and nice Peter”


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