The UK VAT increase to 20%

Today BBC news has been blagging on about this VAT increase to 20% on pretty much everything. Although the government are defending saying other stuff is going down. Although, this is to cut this deffosit (i can’t even spell the damn thing!) which is mega high, which for some reason we need to cut down right now. Although I don’t like a sudden hike in prices which ain’t going to be good for anything considering no EMA or anything which I would be getting some of this year (love you too David!).

Also, what about people who don’t pay them taxes, basically Conservatives are working to keep rich people rich and poor, worse which is absolute shit and David Cameron needs to sit down and get his head together. Really? This is an absolute joke of a government and they need to really sort it out. Nick Clegg won’t get in, thanks to this. Dude, kick off and tell David where he stands. Stick up for yourself!



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