Distribution companies

This is something I really do hate. Why do these companies have to be extremely pathetic? They have absolutely no need to do this. Over here in the UK, we can only really watch British television online on our computer (never mind mobile). I don’t like/watch/care about British shows and I watch a lot of Japanese stuff instead. However, I can’t do this legally in the UK (YouTube on mobile is my best choice, without TV TOKYO or whoever blocking episodes but not letting us have an official copy either).

But, if we take the trip over the United States of America, we have a number of services which can do this. For a start the major TV online company, Hulu have everything I want, but it’s USA only. The reason i’ve found: Apparently we don’t care about it and it’s not profitable. I don’t want to have to buy expensive DVDs. Plus Hulu is mobile-friendly too. I wouldn’t mind paying for Hulu plus either.

It’s actually pretty stupid how we aren’t even allowed access to stuff online. For example UK iTunes does not have everything that US iTunes does. Also Amazon Kindle has stuff available in the US but not the UK.

Please could copyright fix this and do how the Music copyright works (A independent organization collects the music royalties for most music available).



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