Android Market

Android Market is a okay-ish thing for people to find and install apps to Android phones. It’s great and works fairly well depending on what you’re looking for. But, it’s crap if it’s not what you’re looking for. Cool, the new Android market looks good although I would have enabled a lot more than just looks. Here’s what I would do…

  • Show official apps for a service (For example if I search “Twitter” it could have a listing for the “Twitter” app by “Twitter” at the top with “Official App” somewhere on it)
  • Have a proper page for the developer, where they can put information in about the people there/what they do etc…
  • Promote magazine and official reviews of apps. For example, if the popular tech blog Gizmodo reviewed the app, then I’d like to see that clearly.
  • Make lists. For example, I could make a list of “Essential applications for a new phone” and it would be linked with a button to install all at once!
  • Allow special offers/coupons etc…

Just my ideas for Google,

Joe 🙂


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