Our Government

Well the United Kingdom government right now is a right mess. We have a coalition thing with Conservatives and Libral Democrats. Nick Clegg, I hoped would win on his own (Democrats), but didn’t and joined with Conservatives to prevent another election. Now he’s been pushed out with no power and forced to go along with every decision David Cameron wants.

Now this is really annoying but when the government are in the fancy place talking, none of them seem to stick up for each other, fall asleep and couldn’t care. If we voted for you, you can just do something instead of sitting there doing nothing. You’re not paid to do nothing, now Conservatives are cutting everything and life is going to cost more than people earn.

“Spending cuts” is every day on the tell, supposedly to help the country’s debt. I think they should open and publish immediately and automatically the governments accounts (and add notes within a day or two of what each thing is). This massive student protest, I fully support. So what David if we don’t pay it back for like years but it’s still there. People are still in debt and makes them feel bad about going and slapping that on their name for an eternity. Unfortnatly, this has put Nick Clegg’s building reputation down and probably won’t show much unless he puts up a fight.

If he does this and de-stabilizes the government and it falls out, Labour would probably get back in and stop this madness and make the country work properly again. Conservatives are stupid and need their heads bashing. Really, we don’t need these kind of idiots running the country to benift themselves only.

Plus their voices are really really annoying which makes matters worse,



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